Al Ain Tour

Al Ain is considered to be the greenest in all of Emirates. You can join in the pleasure tour of this city that is famous and popularly called the garden city. It is here that you can come across date trees and vegetable farms. You can get to enjoy the Hilly gardens which is an impressive excavation site. It also holds Abu Dhabi’s biggest museum. Visiting Buraimi’s Oasis Town in Oman is sure to thrill you. At this beautiful place, you can have maximum relaxation and enjoyment. Besides this, you can visit the camel market, something that is sure to provide you with an exciting experience about the Emirates.

Then you will come across Jebel Haffee, the famous mountain of the region that is regarded t be among the hottest springs located in Al Ain. This place is popularly called Hilly Fun City. It is also Al Ain’s rockiest place, where you are sure to have optimized entertainment and fun. Both kids and adults can indulge themselves in different activities and you can get mesmerized with the beauty of this place. The tour can prove to be a memorable one that can be in your heart forever.


Price per person (AED 250) and minimum 2 persons